About us

We are part of the #occupy movement. We believe that we need to build our way to freedom. 

The rough plan
  • Create an #occupy identity umbrella, a safe space for sharing and collaboration. 
  • Discuss about the new economy, migrate towards a common understanding, build consensus around action plans, form specialized teams. 
  • Consolidate the economy of the occupy movement.
  • Extend this economy to the general population.
We'll provide tools for communication, coordination, sharing, collaboration, logistics, and even alternative currencies.
We'll create a new business ecosystem based on the core values of the new economy.
We'll use our international connections to bring in the most talented individuals specialized in this field.
We'll coordinate with other #occupy camps around the world to implement this parallel new economical system. 

You are all invited to participate! Join our Forum!

This initiative started at #occupy Montreal in the green long house.